Impact Corporate Wellness Institute takes a unique approach to corporate fitness and wellness. Instead of applying a one size fit all plan, we leverage our experience in management, relationships, and eligibility and strategy to formulate the correct blueprint that fits with your company’s culture and brand. Our team will develop an execution plan to realize those goals set forth. We deliver operational efficiency, real support, and accountability. Our goal is to help improve the health of each employee, build a reliable, motivated, and energized Work Team, which will increase growth, and ultimately bring down the medical cost to your organization.  


The support we offer our government is by way of a division and network, Impact 50, that executes the government mission. The high standards set with every operation provide confidence for our defense department can trust in our performance systems.   


We offer our support to our communities in many ways, and our partnerships with nonprofits have given us a way to have a magnificent impact with foundations in-line with our brand, vision, and values.  

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