Fitness Impact offers NFL prospects with an intense, disciplined, and controlled training program designed to produce breakout performances on combine or pro day.

Combine & Pro Day Interview 

FI has been teaching and training NFL prospects for over 25 years. Many of his athletes' future career depends on the NFL Combine and Pro Day. FI expertise to the athletes describes what to expect on the big day and teaches them how to shave off precious tenths, increase vertical jump and get those extra reps.   

Proven and Tested Systems

This comprehensive four day a week program features a different aspect of combine training each day with instruction and then practice under the watchful eyes of Gregg and his professional staff. After completing the technical aspects and practicing the combine testing, the workout begins. Workouts consist of sports specific movement, increasing strength, power, speed, quickness, and conditioning. Athletes train in our cutting-edge Impact Performance Training System (IPTS). 

Train Outside The Box

Along with the combine prep work and our proven and tested Impact Performance Training System (IPTS), Gregg has added a 5th day to the program that's unlike any other program in the country, 'Impact Focus Training,' coined by some as (Controlled Chaos)! This day is designed to put the athlete under a certain amount of stress and then ask the athlete to perform and demonstrate tasks at a high level. The NFL Combine and Pro Day is a Job Interview, and acting under stress is critical, so the athlete must train for it just as he does for the bench press or vertical jump.

Proven Systems Trusted By Professional Athletes

The foundation developing elite athletes makes FI prime for such a task of helping athletes seeking their dreams of securing a successful job interview to play in the NFL.


Speed is the name of the game for the combine. However, the knowledge gained in this vital area can be the difference. 


Generate many types of force, including maximal strength, speed-strength, explosive strength, and strength endurance. 


Active stretching and dynamic mobility exercises early in the training session helps the athlete to warm-up, reduce the likelihood of injury, and improve flexibility and biomechanical movement. 


In a game of great minds, the expert schemes require elite athletes to carry out the tasks. FI coaches coach position drills with more than 30 years of developing NFL athletes.


Our program applies specific protocols to help muscle tissue bounce back after a strenuous workout through the use of pool workouts, recovery therapy treatment, foam rolling, PNF Stretching, and Impact Silica.


Impact Sports Performance Nutrition System . Impact Cell Natural Performance Supplements. 


Combine specific drills for optimal performance efficiency—complete job interview success blueprint with mental pressure adaptations. 

Impact Performance Team

In the same way that coaches and staff help an NFL team succeed, Fitness Impact has a team of specialists who are experts in their field and dedicated to working together to help our athletes reach their goals. By utilizing a team approach, our coaches, physical therapists, nutritionist, massage therapists, chiropractors, and position coaches are in constant communication to ensure the plan for our athletes is helping them succeed.


Proven and tested IPTS. 

Team 5150

Elite Impact Performance Team  


Professional facilities for all your performance and recovery needs.


FI provides suitable housing for recovery and relaxing minutes from facilities.

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