IMPACT TRANSFORMATION 12 is a Twelve-Week program which uses a concept we’ve coined “Impact Cycle Training,” the first four weeks of the 12-week program is called, The Four Week Body Pressure. This program takes you through three distinctive phases. In each stage, you make simple changes in the way you eat and the way you exercise, and just before the body decides to stop changing, you shift into a new phase to keep progress ongoing and consistent. We developed this concept in the early 1990s working with competitive athletes and military personnel. Men’s Fitness magazine published it as a "plateau buster." That was a part of the evolution of IMPACT TRANSFORMATION 12! We learned that we could take athletes, who are extremely conditioned and are having difficulty improving, and cut them way back on their exercise, have them commit to brief unconventional exercise sessions, and in four weeks of gradual progression, we can facilitate a shift that allows their bodies to improve. We have since adjusted the strategy to The Four Week Body Pressure, beginning with only 30 minutes of exercises a day, it’s an incredible kick-start to boost metabolism.


After the First Four Weeks, you shift into the Strength & Growth Phase. We know the terminology is intimidating to those who seek weight loss exclusively, but it's essential to understand the addition of muscle tissue. Just a bit of muscle tissue is enough to significantly increase caloric burn and prime the body for the Fat Liberation phase to come. The Strength & Growth phase lasts four weeks, and you'll notice as your body starts to change, tasks become straightforward, and the workouts more enjoyable. Here’s where you sculpt your body. 



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