FI University has an online education platform that allows you to study and take tests on your time, and we have in-person certifications, mentorships, and clinics at our state-of-the-art sports performance and wellness center. 

Sports Performance System Licensing 

Earn your certification in our IPTS and receive the opportunity to use the FI Brand System to grow your business with elite and professional athletes. 

Business Growth Systems 

Mentorship and business systems certifications are critical in scaling your business so you can gain profits and time for your family. 

In House Education Platform

On the cutting edge of research and development in synergy with our Sports Science Labs, offer our coaches, trainers, therapists, and support staff a platform for growth, knowledge, and support.

Youth STEM

Preparation for the future is the answer FI University offers the next generations. Youth steeped in science and technology are exposed to endless possibilities. 

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