Building a foundation in athletic ability that focuses on body awareness and imbalances to prevent injury and develop high-caliber athletes requires a detailed personal touch. 

Kids Sports

Ages 8-13- All Sports

With all the programs that we offer, our Kids Impact Sports Training (KIST) program gives our staff that wonderful feeling and gratitude of being a professional coach and having the opportunity to be in this industry. While we enjoy training kids and the training, we provide is fun for the kids, 90% of the kids that we train to excel in their sport and, more importantly, in the classroom, and this is where the real joy comes. 

Sports Academy

High School- All Sports

Physical performance and the development of talents and skills are part of the game, but the most significant aspect is the mental game. Therefore, proper coaching and mentorship are vital at this most impressionable age. Mindset and attitude allow our athletes to perform at a high level. 

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